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Pairs Trading Workshop conducted at IIT-Kanpur by ALPHABETA

As a part of the non-core week at IIT Kanpur, ALPHABETA was invited to conduct a workshop on Pairs Trading Strategies at the campus. Sathya Palaniappan, MD-APAC, ALPHABETA was the mentor for the session held on 4th February 2020. He spoke on various developments happening in the finance industry, how FinTech is changing the landscape and what students need to do to stay ready for workplaces. Sathya also briefly spoke about how 21st century skills of communication, collaboration and critical thinking are gradual taking centerstage in helping the students of today build their career.

The workshop was focused on relative value arbitrage strategies in capital markets. Students learnt how to use statistical models to evaluate the entry and exit strategy in the markets. The discussion was on learning the parameters behind a given model and then once understood, how to implement it as a part of one’s portfolio.  Sathya spoke to participants on how portfolio managers across the globe build and back-test different hypotheses before constructing a portfolio.

In the pic: Sathya is discussing with students the importance of rigor needed to grow and thrive in the financial services workplace and how ALPHABETA technology is changing the way ‘proof-of-work’ is used by students to bag better career opportunities in the area.