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Portfolios and Trading

Introduction to Portfolio Management

Explore basic concepts of portfolio management,  starting from what is a portfolio and why should one invest? Where can one invest? How does one understand and optimise the risk-return equation to balance a portfolio? What is the cost of capital? 
You will go through carefully designed lab experiments on real data which will help you strengthen these fundamental concepts for a strong foundation in investing

Passive Investing

Introduction to Portfolio Management

Do you really need to pay high management fees to your investment manager? or Can you make a healthy risk-adjusted return by investing in passively managed assets such as ETFs, Index Funds? How does diversification really help in reducing the risk of your portfolio? What makes a good passive portfolio? Learn all this by experimenting on real data and find the right combination as per your need

Active Management

Introduction to Portfolio Management

Do you know active management is all about beating the benchmark, by generating higher return by taking a reduced risk?. Learn how active portfolio management helps in delivering a superior risk adjusted return. How does hedging help you in reducing the risk? How do you assess the performance of active mutual funds? Learn the concepts of hedging, leverage and how to assess investment performance measurements improve your portfolio’s risk-adjusted performance by going through this module


Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

Does past momentum in a stock predict future returns? Learn how fund managers and traders use “Momentum”, to spot investment opportunities in the market. How long does momentum effects last? You can also use it as a parameter to build a robust portfolio. Go through carefully designed experiments and work on real data to build your own investing model.

Pairs Trading

Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

Are the returns from the stocks belonging to the same industry necessarily correlated? Learn how to exploit relative arbitrage to generate excess returns based on the “Law of One Price”. Learn how to identify similar stock pairs based on historical correlation, industry characteristics and apply rules to spot trading opportunities. Learn and apply this interesting contrarian strategy and apply them on real data. Add this must have, powerful, strategy to your investing arsenal.

Value Investing

Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

Can the financial statements of a company tell us the underlying reality of a company's operations? Find out how to use Earnings multiples, Book Value multiples to assess undervalued companies and identify future investment potential by experimenting on companies financial data. Understand how “Value” factor has performed in Indian market.

Accrual Investing

Systematic Strategies for Equity Portfolio Management

Do you know you can assess the quality of earnings from a company's financial statements? Understand how to assess the quality of earnings of a company from its cash flow statement. Identify stocks with high accrual vs cash flow component of earnings. Validate whether the stock performance of firms with higher cash flow earnings performed better than stocks with higher accrued earnings, backtest with the real financial and market data. Go through carefully designed labs to understand the concepts, back test on real data using virtual capital. While you decide what to invest in, you can include assets using this time proven strategy to be part of your portfolio

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