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ALPHABETA is a learning platform that makes complex stock market strategies easy to understand through a unique method of visualizing the market

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Rather than simply reading about investing, ALPHABETA lets you experience investing like professionals by doing it. Learn, back-test and apply your learning on real data in an interactive manner

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Alphabeta’s EPM course was a great introduction to the working of financial markets. After doing this course, I learned a lot about the stock market and various investing strategies through an interactive learning platform and got hands-on experience with the help of a virtual portfolio. After completing this course, my interest in the field of finance increased and to get further experience, I decided to do a project with Valmiki Capital Management. During this project, I analyzed the “Size Effect in Indian stock market” ( Size effect states that small market cap stocks outperform the large market cap stocks in the long run). This project was a great learning experience through interaction with mentors. I am thankful to the Alphabeta team for providing me this excellent learning opportunity! Shreyans Binaykiya
Student, IIT Bombay
I was always interested to learn about trading but it was difficult for me to find a starting point. This course definitely helped me in giving that head start. The content provided is well structured and the simulations on ALPHABETA would prove to be very useful in understanding the concepts. One of the concerns I had initially was if I could manage this course which had assignments and presentations along with my coursework. To my surprise the course content felt pretty light and well distributed. This course helped me in bagging a finance internship. This course on equity portfolio management proved to be useful in showing that I have an inclination towards finance and I have a basic understanding of how the market works in interviews. Happy learning. Somesh Bajpai
Student, IIT Kanpur
Being from an engineering background but having a keen interest in investing, the most important output that I got as a part of the course was the exposure to apply the investment strategies on their virtual market platform. The interface of ALPHABETA was quite user friendly helping you to get the most out of the course. The weekly assignments and presentations made me think deeper into the underlying concepts. Along with the weekly content taught in the lectures, they gave us research articles to get deeper insights in the topic. Thus, the Equity Portfolio Management Course was a great learning experience making me confident enough to invest in the real market. Chaitanya Sakhare
Student, IIT Bombay
Apart from my academics, I was interested in Portfolio and Investment Management and hence undertook this course in my last semester. During the course, I gained insights into the various kinds of strategies used for investing in the stock market. The user interface of the app was very effective for deploying the strategies and helped me understand the right psychology for categorizing and selecting the right stocks. The ALPHABETA League gave me a valuable experience to manage the portfolio in the real markets on a daily basis. This course will be very helpful for any beginner who has an interest in learning about the stock markets and one should definitely enroll for this course. Shobit Jain
Student, IIT Delhi
When I took the course, I had virtually no financial knowledge at the time. The real strength of the course is the emphasis on guided self-learning assisted by an engaging software that allowed me to experiment with complex financial and statistical concepts in a visual and intuitive manner. The assignments and weekly discussions compelled me to think critically about investment strategies as nuanced and deliberate decisions instead of sure shot money-making methods as wrongly propagated in finance coaching. Aditya Dhingra
Student, BITS Pilani
Being constantly exposed to theoretical study in all my academic life, the most fascinating part of joining this course was the offer to try out strategies practically. Teamwork and competition are the pillars to problem solving and ALPHABETA resolutely exposed us to both of them. ALPHABETA has enclosed the curriculum in such a way that it makes us ready to trade with real data, exposing us to risks and failures. It has been a huge learning experience while preparing me to do real trades. Shruti Khairkar
Student, IIT Bombay