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ALPHABETA is a learning platform that makes complex stock market strategies easy to understand through a unique method of visualizing the market

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Rather than simply reading about investing, ALPHABETA lets you experience investing like professionals by doing it. Learn, back-test and apply your learning on real data in an interactive manner

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The equity portfolio management course by ALPHABETA Inc. emphasized more on practical learning than just being theoretical. Discussion sessions apart from scheduled online classes played a vital role for me in understanding the various complex financial and market-related terms.I found the course interesting, challenging and in turn rewarding.The course was a valuable learning experience because it challenged my thinking regarding the application of value investing skills. The platform was extremely help in understanding the various market strategies by means of visualization. Materials supplied during the course were helpful to follow up class discussion. This certification course indeed has added value to my CV. Vikas Patel
Student, IIT Guwahati
Alphabeta was my first course on investment. Prior to this, I have spent most of my time on free material available on the web randomly but this course taught me in an organised way. This course has a proportionate mixture of fundamental and technical analysis before investment. Also, it has added mostly cited research articles on all broad topics which gave a logical view from intellectuals in the relevant field. At the end of course, we can invest in a systematic way with proper understanding. I have started regular investing fearless with the strategies learned in the course through the app. I feel, It is a must course for youngsters, preferably before started earning." Manohar Mahato
Student, IIT Guwahati
When I took the course, I had virtually no financial knowledge at the time. The real strength of the course is the emphasis on guided self-learning assisted by an engaging software that allowed me to experiment with complex financial and statistical concepts in a visual and intuitive manner. The assignments and weekly discussions compelled me to think critically about investment strategies as nuanced and deliberate decisions instead of sure shot money-making methods as wrongly propagated in finance coaching. Aditya Dhingra
Student, BITS Pilani
The Equity Portfolio Management Program gives us continuous assistance throughout with the help of the application, modules and assessments. The interface is easy to use and risk free for anyone who wants hands-on experience for stock market. Also the theory and modules were fairly easy to understand along with all the basic concepts and definitions. Course material has been well designed by experienced professionals which makes it more applicable in real market. Raghav Maheshwari
Student, XLRI Jamshedpur
Being constantly exposed to theoretical study in all my academic life, the most fascinating part of joining this course was the offer to try out strategies practically. Teamwork and competition are the pillars to problem solving and ALPHABETA resolutely exposed us to both of them. ALPHABETA has enclosed the curriculum in such a way that it makes us ready to trade with real data, exposing us to risks and failures. It has been a huge learning experience while preparing me to do real trades. Shruti Khairkar
Student, IIT Bombay
My experience with the ALPHABETA Inc. and the Equity Investment & Portfolio Management course was new and refreshing from all the other courses that I had done so far. The mentoring sessions were crucial in stirring productive discussions with market experts, which helped me in enhancing my understanding to better read the market signs and minimize my risk exposure. The competition gave me a glimpse of the thrilling life of portfolio managers and helped me gain valuable insights in real-time. I would highly recommend this course to all the finance enthusiasts out there, who are looking to start their trading days. Hrishav Raj
Student, BITS Pilani