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ALPHABETA is built using patented visualization technology. It provides learners an intuitive, immersive platform that enables them to understand complex financial concepts by interacting with graphical objects, conducting experiments/simulations, making decisions, observing outcomes and drawing conclusions

Similar to a Physics or Chemistry Lab, ALPHABETA uses a combination of a live exploratory environments with near real-time market data, moving infographics objects and visual metaphors, making it a one-of-a-kind Finance Lab at your fingertips


Students build 21st century Skills: Communication, Collaboration and Critical thinking

University courses require students to read academic papers with heavy formalism and math and most don't. We see that students of our courses read those papers once they have understood the basic concepts and wish to deep dive!

ALPHABETA investment lab at your campus

ALPHABETA helps to build and run Investment labs/centre of excellence. Investment lab is run on a patented visual finance technology

Students learn, practice and showcase their skills as a 'Proof-of-Work', which prepares them for changing workplace

Student performance can be shared with potential recruiters

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