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Company Overview

ALPHABETA is the first platform to use true visual collaboration to bring together students, practitioners and consumers in financial markets through unique immersive user experiences with a common vocabulary

The first product, ALPHABETA-Guide platform is designed to educate students in investment strategies and Portfolio Management. Its inclusive pedagogical approach using an “active learning space” which makes the complex concepts of finance intuitively simpler for learners from diverse backgrounds who may lack the mathematics training that has traditionally been a prerequisite. The proprietary app, US Patent approved is targeted at graduate, undergraduate and high school students, investment managers, traders and wealth managers.

ALPHABETA represents the first manifestation of technologies set to transform the industry. It has multiple releases of the Guide, and impending launches of the other Platforms, Analyst and Assistant, due for this year. Analyst is a complete touch screen based modelling environment to crowdsource investment strategies) and Assistant will connect wealth advisors to analysts and clients with compelling user experience for financial management.

ALPHABETA was launched in 2014 by TOPXIGHT LABS (, a New York based software lab and incubation studio, with New York based Valmiki Capital Management as the founding investor.