April 16th, 2021

Vital Signs S01E04: Bitcoin vs. Gold. What's in your wallet? Part 1/2


Recently Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are attracting  professional investors, casual traders, and crypto enthusiasts across the world. Despite its relative volatility Bitcoin is beginning to be favored by institutions as a hedge currency and is looking to take the slot traditionally occupied by gold in many portfolios . 

Both asset classes have many similarities but also some stark differences. Unlike national (or fiat) currencies, they are limited in their supply that will soon run out. While gold lies underground and  it  is difficult to assess the exact quantity remaining, Bitcoin is capped to a maximum supply of 21 million that should be out by 2040. 

As an investor should you begin to add cryptocurrencies to your portfolio? Is Gold still attractive? Sathya and Sundar gather to debate this out in this two part series. In the first part the discussion is mostly on Bitcoin, its origin, legality, and its potential for an investor. They are also joined by Siva Visveswaran, CTO of Alphabeta to demystify the technology behind crypto.