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TOPXIGHT Labs and ALPHABETA featured in the Financial Express

Touted to be a start-up studio, TOPXIGHT Labs provides an end-to-end incubation ecosystem—governance, capital access, strategy, sales and marketing, design, product management, engineering and the supporting operational infrastructure. So far, TOPXIGHT has launched five companies—in financial services, music, cyber security, synthetic vision and sports—all following the principles of high R&D entry barriers, capital efficiency, and a sustainable growth model.

Founded by Kirthi Ramakrishnan and Siva Visveswaran in 2013, TOPXIGHT is a New York-based software lab and incubation studio, with a wholly owned subsidiary in Chennai, and a partnership with New York-based Valmiki Capital Management as the lead institutional investor in the incubated start-ups.

The start-up combines design and engineering to weave emerging technologies into foundational themes—visual collaboration, active learning spaces, indie-commerce, augmented intelligence—into tangible and adoptable IP to create companies that have the potential to transform various industries.

“We do applied research in various technology themes, develop business and technology IP, and apply the IP to various industries by bringing in subject matter heavy entrepreneurs. Successful projects are incubated into independent companies,” says Kirthi Ramakrishnan, CEO, TOPXIGHT Labs.

TOPXIGHT provides the complete operating model comprising governance, strategy, corporate development, sales and marketing, design, product management, engineering, client services, infrastructure, and operations (HR, finance, and legal) that allows the entrepreneurial teams the specialisation and economies of scale previously afforded only by larger companies. This allows companies to built with low cash burn with good incentive alignment between founders, employees, and investors. The partnership with Valmiki Capital LP gives investors access to early-stage companies with low blind pool risk, mature corporate governance, and clear stakeholder alignment.

Alphabeta Inc, part-owned by TOPXIGHT Labs in financial services, applies the concepts of visual collaboration and active learning to financial markets and provides an immersive user experience to transform financial education, wealth management, and investment research. The company has been active in the US and Indian markets since 2016 with presence in multiple universities and a partnership with the NSE Academy to widen the reach of investment education and is preparing for expansion into Greater Asia and Latin America in 2018.

The NSE is a strategic partner for Alphabeta. The company started offering an equity portfolio management course along with the NCFM certification in January 2018.

“We currently reach students through two channels—one, institutions like colleges, universities, corporate in physical and online mode and two, direct to consumer, primarily online. We have done a controlled delivery of the service starting with small class sizes. In total we have taught over 400 students thus far and the response has been terrific,” he said.

Students at eight Indian colleges have thus far been through the Alphabeta experience – either through the university formally assigning a 3-credit course or through the student investment clubs signing up directly. Either way, they go through the same experience and get the NCFM certification, he said. “We are currently adding 2-3 schools per month, and in one year we target to be in the 40-50 range in India, five schools in the US, and 1-2 in Mexico. We are also introducing a reduced content program for high school investment clubs in the US”.

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