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NSE ACADEMY and ALPHABETA Virtual Trading Stall a great hit at the NSE Investor Fair 2018

NSE ACADEMY and ALPHABETA, ran an investment strategy lab and virtual trading contest at the NSE Investor Fair. The visually dynamic and immersive user experience was a big attraction, especially with business school students and investors, with the crowd thronging the stall to participate and prizes were awarded to the top 2 performers. The contest featured over 50 participants.


NSE ACADEMY’s Equity Portfolio Management program powered by ALPHABETA Guide uses a combination of real world situations, flipped classroom methodology, and an interactive pedagogy, to teach the intricacies of investment strategies with real-time exposure to the markets. Access through the NSE ACADEMY or ask your school to participate.

Top: B-School students and other individual investors waiting to participate in NSE ACADEMY & ALPHABETA’s virtual trading stall at the NSE Investor Fair 2018

Below: Sathya Palaniappan, COO, Asia Pacific for ALPHABETA, handing out the prizes to the winners of the virtual trading conducted by NSE ACADEMY & ALPHABETA at the NSE Investor Fair 2018

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