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ALPHABETA Expands Its Investing Education Platform to High School Students

Immersive investing education program offered free to high school students

NEW ORLEANS, May 12, 2020 ( - ALPHABETA INC., a New York-based finance education software company with operations in New Orleans and India, announces the expansion of ALPHABETA Guide, its investing education platform to the younger market of high school students. The new program will launch on May 14, 2020 and will offer a customized six-week program free of charge to any high school student during the period of shutdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the primary focus has been on the graduate and undergraduate student segment, the company is offering a specially tailored and more simplified version suitable for high school students. Students start with very basic concepts and level up to more advanced topics. They explore an active learning space to interact with financial data as visualized objects with varying shapes, colors, and sizes. They then proceed to manage virtual real-time portfolios and engage in a healthy portfolio management competition with their peers.

Kirthi Ramakrishnan, President of ALPHABETA, said: “Paradoxically, in this period of market volatility, there has been a sharp increase in equity market participation by newer investors, especially among younger participants entering the market for the first time. In a physically distanced world with students sequestered at home, there is no better time for a contemporaneous introduction to examine market behavior against theory. This is an opportune learning moment and our technologists and educators have worked very quickly to modify the existing curricula and concepts to be suitable to younger students at the high school level.”


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