April 23rd, 2021

Vital Signs S01E05: Bitcoin vs. Gold. What's in your wallet? Part 2/2


In this second part of the two part series, Sundar and Sathya discuss Gold, that, since the court of King Augustus in 31 B.C,  has become one of the most coveted assets by rulers, dictators, nations, and investors big and small. 

Sundar traces the history of the precious metal and how it came to be the first global currency before the US dollar claimed that spot after World War II. He then argues why gold is a good investment choice for everyone, even today, to hedge against an uncertain economic or political future. Sundar also recommends that gold is a must have asset in all portfolios that can be held as a mix of bonds, ETFs and also in its physical form itself. 

Sathya then continues the discussion from Part 1 and argues why Bitcoin is a great technology but without the support of central governments across the world it is a soon-to-burst bubble like the Dotcom (in the 90s). They are once again joined by Siva Visveswaran, CTO of Alphabeta in this episode to make the case for Bitcoin and also talk about a new bubble: Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)! Tune in to listen!!