Certificate Course in Equity Portfolio Management - FAQ

What does ALPHABETA Inc do?

The Certificate Course in Equity Portfolio Management is designed by a New York based fintech start-up, ALPHABETA Inc., with the help of leading faculty from Harvard, ISB Hyderabad and veteran Wall Street investors. ALPHABETA (www.alphabeta.io) is the first platform to use true visual collaboration to bring together students, practitioners and consumers in financial markets.

The ALPHABETA Guide platform is designed to educate finance students in Investment strategies and Portfolio Management. The course uses cutting-edge visualization technology and helps learners grasp complicated investment concepts with engagement and interactive learning.

  • Learning by doing or experiential learning
  • Flipped classroom methodology
  • Interactive learning like a game, (nobody teaches people to play candy crush or temple run!)

What is the programme fee?

Online: INR 20,000 + GST

What is the start date of the program?

Start dates of the immediate next batch will be communicated tor registered candidates.

How long do I have access to learning material?

An enrolled student will have access to the learning modes of the app for lifetime.

Is there a need for Statistical background to enrol for this course?

No. The course has been designed to lower the mathematical barrier. It uses power of visual computing to develop critical thinking and let the math be done by computers.

Where do I register for the course?

You have to register on the https://www.ncfm-india.com/ORE/OREregisterCandidate.jsp and share the NCFM ID along with fee details.

Is there an entrance exam for the course?

There is no entrance exam to enrol for the course

What material do I get to learn?

Upon enrolment, a student will get access to a Learning Management System portal which is designed as per different module. Each module may contain course presentations, quizzes, research papers etc.

What will be taught in the course?

A student will study the following topics, interweaved with lab experiments and simulations. There will be no theoretical component in this course for which there isn't a practical application.

1. Introduction to stock markets

2. Review of finance and accounting concepts

3. Investing objectives and styles

  • a) Fundamental vs. Statistical Approaches
  • b) Investment horizons
  • c) Systematic approaches - alpha, beta, passive beta

4. Introduction to systematic approaches and market phenomena

  • a) Use past Momentum to predict future returns
  • b) Identify similar stocks and profit using Pairs Trading
  • c) Value Investing to discern under-priced and overpriced stocks
  • d) Use Accruals and Cashflow to differentiate stocks based on earnings quality

5. Underlying theories in portfolio management

  • a) Capital asset pricing model (CAPM)
  • b) Risk return trade-off
  • c) Statistical methods - regression, correlation, law of large numbers
  • d) Trading techniques - short selling, basket trading
  • e) Fundamental analysis - market and book value, earnings, accruals
  • f) Ratio analysis for value investing - monotonic functions, ratio selection
  • g) Risk management - diversification, hedging, market and sector neutral approaches
  • h) Judgment and heuristics in markets and trading

What happens after the course?

Based on the student performance (based on quizzes, assignments, presentations and class participation, as applicable), they will be awarded a grade and a Joint Certification will be issued by ALPHABETA Inc and NSE Academy on successful completion of the program.

A student may also participate in ALPHABETA-League, a global competition among peer groups. It will be an investment strategy game, to be played on the same underlying platform as the ALPHABETA Guide, used for the course. ALPHABETA-League membership will be provided for the rest of the year after course completion to successful candidates. To renew from second year onwards, candidates will have to pay an extra fee.