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As an investor, I find it very difficult to understand the stock market. While technology and digital has enabled our life to be very simple, why should investment in market should be so complex and difficult to comprehend? Can someone help?

Falling interest rates on fixed deposits and bonds and rising cost of living, have created a double whammy effect, while I agree equity investment performs better in long run, where do I start?

How does my advisor/ broker decide which stock to buy or sell? Why should the knowledge and strategies for investing in market be available only to privileged few? Can I get an access to the institutional knowledge?


ALPHABETA enables an individual investor to understand about investing in the market in a simple and engaging model. Learners get to understand about investing strategies, similar to using a Google Map.

ALPHABETA provides a guided tour about investing in the market. Learners get to understand right from the basics of investing in stock market, what is a stock, risks involved and how to measure the performance of the stock to strategies used by portfolio managers.

ALPHABETA provides the learners, understanding of strategies which are used by advisors and portfolio managers and have a critical understanding why a strategy works in what market condition.


As I start or build my career in the financial markets, what skill set is required to stand out amongst my peer group?

Technology and Globalization have significantly altered the business models, financial markets being no exception. How do I get prepared for this change so that I can contribute meaningfully?

Can I learn about the strategies and understand the linkage between academic research and investing in market?


ALPHABETA prepares the learners on quantitative, analytical and heuristics skills, which are required for anyone starting or building a career in financial markets.

ALPHABETA League enables learners to demonstrate the decision-making and investing skills, in a real-life market situation and stand out amongst the peer group in any interview and evaluation.

ALPHABETA allows learners to back-test, simulate and critically understand why a strategy works in what market conditions. In addition, ALPHABETA contact sessions provide access to industry practitioners and prepares the learners to build the critical reasoning and analytical skills, one of the top skills required in the technology and Globalization driven world*.

ALPHABETA strategies are grounded on academic research and deployed extensively by institutional portfolio managers that provides linkage on how investing is backed by strong academic research.


Equity as an asset class forms a large portion in my client’s portfolio. Can I get a better understanding of the market and its performance to communicate with my clients?

Investing in equity markets is integral to accomplish the desired returns for my clients, where do I start?

How does a portfolio manager decide, which stock to invest in and strategy to adopt to perform better than a benchmark?

How do I measure the performance of my portfolio and my portfolio manager? What does the investment measures like Alpha, BETA, Sharpe ratio mean and how do I interpret them?


ALPHABETA provides a step by step guide to investing in markets, enabling learners to comprehend and articulate clearly on performance of the market.

ALPHABETA provides access to strategies which are used by institutional portfolio managers, in an easy to understand manner. ALPHABETA League enables users to back-test and virtually test the performance of these strategies in a real-market environment with real and accurate data, without actually investing in the market.

ALPHABETA provides a comprehensive understanding on various investment measures like Alpha, BETA, Sharpe Ratio and MRAP, thus enabling users to evaluate objectively the performance of the portfolio and selection of the portfolio managers for allocating capital.

Course Overview


6 weeks, ONLINE.


  • This course is suited for learners who have completed their HSC.
  • ALPHABETA helps in understanding complex investing concept easily by using experiential and game based pedagogy. The focus is on building critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • At the end of the course, a learner will be able to use systematic strategies to build equity portfolio and manage them on a daily basis.


  • World's first visual finance lab: ALPHABETA-Guide App. Learners can access the modules without any restriction at their convenience.
  • Weekly mentored, online, live-classes with industry experts, coupled with assignments and quizzes to gauge learning.


  • Over a 6 week duration, learners go over more than 50 topics. The course starts from the basic understanding of 'What is a stock?' to advanced concepts such as 'What is a momentum of the stock?'.
  • Learners grasp concepts on the ALPHABETA-Guide App, back-test them at their convenience and attend live mentored session for queries and discussions with experts once a week.
  • Learners can explore different thoughts and nuances using behavioural finance, economics, history etc to build heuristics and investing models as they learn through the course.
  • Learners will build and manage their own virtual portfolio using systematic investment strategies on the app.


  • Kirthi Ramakrishnan

    Based in NYC, Kirthi co-founded ALPHABETA and sets the strategic vision for the platform. With over 20 years in financial engineering and technology, he has developed the original visual taxonomy, the pedagogical methods, and the financial modeling within the platform. He has a B.Engg from Anna University and an MBA from Tulane University.

  • Dr. Harish Kumar

    Wall Street Investment manager with 15 years experience, Managed assets_epm worth $10 billion in global equities and alternative equity investment strategies at Madison Square, ING Investment Management, and Aeltus Investment Management, Dr. Kumar received a Ph.D. and M.Phil. from the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University, a Masters from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a Bachelor's degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in Pilani, India in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Kumar is a CFA charterholder.

  • Rajesh Madhavan

    Rajesh Madhavan an adjunct professor at NMIMS, Bangalore, and a visiting Professor at the Indian institute of Management - Rohtak and other top-tier Indian B-Schools in the area of Finance, In his consulting role, he has been involved in potential acquisition ideas, due diligence, valuation and structuring involving venture capital and private equity investments in diverse sectors.

  • Dr. Vikram Kuriyan

    Dr. Kuriyan has been an active contributor through video lectures within ALPHABETA Guide. He is Chairman of GWA Investment Advisors and the Director of the Investments Laboratory at the Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. He has spent over 25 years in quantitative research at Bank of America, Columbia Asset Management, Merrill Lynch. He has a BS from MIT and a PhD from Harvard.

Here's what our users are saying

Diskha Jain

(M.A in Economic (Hons.) with distinction)

Alphabeta is the new “killer app” which gave me platform to explore and hone my trading skills through simulations, helping me to make more informative and thought through decisions in real market. It’s user friendly interface is a no risk way to learn about market trading strategies.

Swarnendu Bhattarcharya

(Ph.D student, IIT-Bombay, ranked first in the ALPHABETA League)

To start with, NSE-ALPHABETA program started at a time when I was deep in loss after I had invested my little savings in the world of trading lured by the profits on the discussion board in money-control, only to realize that life is not easy and it needs a lot of discipline and education to counteract the mystery known as stock market.The program by ALPHABETA has been one of the best formative experiences ever, specially the Simulate mode, which kept me hooked for hours running several different combinations for several different securities in several different timelines. However, one salient feature of the program was end to end doubt solving sessions.The hour-long weekly talks, the assignment and the LMS was sufficient to arm any person with the knowledge-footsteps especially for someone like me who has developed an innate sense to re-start career in trading, inspite of being a Ph.D. student in mechanical engineering. Finally the Compete mode gave us good exposure to Indian stock markets and was a testimony to the fact that how strategies if taken without emotions, can stand out in the long-run.

Sarvagya Kaushik

(CA student and CFA Aspirant)

This course has reshaped my career from Accounting to Finance. The professors gave us the practical knowledge along with all the concepts of the Portfolio Management Strategies. The Alphabeta app is the best part of the course where you get to learn and perform the simulations on the real market data. It's a great experience to start your career in finance. I'm a student of ICAI & I'm also pursuing Chartered Financial Analysts course from CFA Institute. .

Arindam Mullick

(NRI Investor and Oil and Gas professional)

"CEPM course has given me a different perspective of equity market and changed the way I manage my investment portfolio's Alpha and Beta. I would recommend this course as a starting point to every investor and future portfolio manager because of its well-designed content, investment strategies, weekly mentoring session and interactive lab .Course experience is designed and managed by an excellent professional team."

Shruti Khairkar

(Student, IIT Bombay)

Being constantly exposed to theoretical study in all my academic life, the most fascinating part of joining this course was the offer to try out strategies practically. Teamwork and competition are the pillars to problem solving and ALPHABETA resolutely exposed us to both of them. ALPHABETA has enclosed the curriculum in such a way that it makes us ready to trade with real data, exposing us to risks and failures. It has been a huge learning experience while preparing me to do real trades.

Nishtha Nagpal

(CA, working with Deloitte)

I had an extremely amazing and awesome experience. The mentors were highly knowledgeable, patient and encouraging. Also, I would like to mention the effectiveness and efficiency of the support faculty. I wish to keep my association with you all. Thanks for all the guidance and support!

S. Manikantan


Overall it is an excellent course for anyone to understand about the complexities of the share market in a simple, methodical and systematic manner. I wish, if ALPHABETA can tie up with few brokers or firms, to enable the students, who completes the course to start trading and experience the real market, would be simply great! My best wishes for the ALPHABETA team for putting all the hard work and efforts to make this course a great success! Keep it up!

Pratik Sanghvi

(Student, BITS-Pilani, Goa)

It was really an amazing experience for me. The concepts were explained in a manner which even a novice like me could understand. Furthermore the insights provided by the instructors and industry experts gave me a lot of different perspectives on the various investing strategies. The contribution of the app was immeasurable. I learnt a lot of things from my attempts and from my friends' experience in managing their portfolios. The best part-the learning process wasn't cumbersome which isn't something I can say for other courses I have. The very fact that I was able to test the concepts taught in class consolidated my understanding in them. In fact, the application even enabled me to draw some inferences and make various hypotheses and enabled me to test them out across various time frames to come up with an optimal investing strategy.

Vinod Kumar Metla

(Student, IIT Bombay)

The course is a very good starting point for people who want to know about markets and trading techniques. Its structure is well designed and faculty is very knowledgeable and explained the concepts clearly. There were individual and group assignments by which we were able to apply the concepts we have learned. The best part is the way the App is designed. It is user friendly and we were able to apply the concepts and do simulations on the real market data. When I started the course I had no knowledge about investing or capital markets. After the ALPHABETA EPM programme, I am currently working with a Quant fund in High Frequency Trading. Thank you all for the support and guidance.

Rachit Srivastava

(Student, IIT Guwahati)

Equity Portfolio Management was a very good course and full worth of the money invested!!! The instructors are highly knowledgeable, friendly, cooperative and teaching done was quite smooth and easily understandable. The App is the BEST!!!! The content provided is great and the assignments and quizzes help understand the concept clearly. I am looking forward to their next courses, especially if the students can have one about Futures and Options.

Sakina Olia

(HR professional with a Masters in Psychology)

The Equity Portfolio Management programme - An online programme with continuous assistance throughout. The best part about the programme was the simulation based application which made the entire course practical and hands on. The expert and mentor session over the weekend made sure that the students were proactive and were not taking a backseat in their learning approach. Also, the faculty was very warm and open to answering as many questions that we had which made me feel very comfortable in coming forward with my queries. Overall, a hands-on course for a period of 2 months to help you get started with understanding the nuances of the stock market.

Abhishek Khoiwal

(Student, IIT Bombay)

It was a thrilling journey throughout this course and competition. There were many times when I had faced some bad Alpha values during the competition but in the long term, the momentum strategy worked like a charm for me and helped me win this competition.

Harsh Dev Goyal

(Student, IIT Bombay)

ALPHABETA learning content provided the theory of various strategies which are used by fund managers to make get returns on their stock market investments. But the real learnings came from the Alphabeta platform that helped us apply those strategies. I have derived a lot of insights about the hedging and diversification techniques. The practicalities of applying fundamental investing techniques as opposed to the momentum and pair trading ones have also become very clear. It also allowed me to test the application of market sentiment on the movements of various stocks. I believe I have now become much better equipped to bring these tools to real world investing.

Varun Jain

(MBA(Finance) student from ICFAI)

A brilliant experience that I have gained with this course was able to understand the stock markets much better and able to connect with concepts learned in my MBA course. This programme involves a practical approach and holistic approach of teaching through the App and the interactive sessions. After this course, I feel more confident of my concepts in Equity Portfolio Management. Thank you!

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